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Hello! my complete name is Corina Schuster Gómez. I was born in Mallorca in 92 and I've been working professionally in videography for only a few years.


Marine biology was my professional goal, but I entertained myself along the way studying sports, music and why not to say it, learning that the "and they lived happily ever after" always starts from oneself.

I grew up with a father who was obsessed with recording and photographing all the moments we lived as a family, but it wasn't until I was older, when I realized what a gift it was to be able to have such a lifetime memory.


Circumstances and experiences distort the reality of what we lived. We can remember a moment, but we will remember it in a different mood, with a different atmosphere and with other experiences that may not allow us to live exactly what we felt at that moment.

How magical it was to be able to relive it as it truly happened. 


Since then, cameras have accompanied my life.

And it was when my oldest daughter Emma was born, in 2017, when the desire to live what I am passionate about was awakened in me.


Since then I live, record and edit everything that life puts in front of me, and I couldn't be happier.

So I Work

Shooting what I need at any given moment,

creating the camera movements I want,

paying special attention to the details I've seen,

looking for the music that I think that fits in that moment,

assembling the images in the order I need,

creating the effects and transitions that appear only in my head...


It is a production from a single soul

that doesn't need to explain with words what it wants to do

because it simply has to let itself go

to recreate everything what it felt like

I'm not into documentary filming. I don't want to film from an "external" point of view how the wedding day goes by. Working on weddings gives me total freedom to create a unique film project co-directed with the couple:


and that's why before I start, I need a meeting (or as many as necessary) with the couple, so they can tell me how they imagine their day; what they like and dislike; what they expect....


A wedding is about emotions and vibrations. The wedding is made by the couple, the family and the friends. If we also add the perfect decoration the result can be absolutely incredible.

Love letters from my lovely couples :

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