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"Timeless and speechless video"

Small and big moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life and, even if the years go by, they will continue to provoke the same beautiful emotions that you experienced on your wedding day.



Hello, I am Corina Schuster

"I believe that you have to know love, to be able to witness it in others."

At 30 years old and with two wonderful girls, I have learned that life is not like in Disney movies. There is no such thing as "and they lived happily ever after", there is something better, more authentic and much more empowering than that.

There is life and self-love, the fight for one's dreams and for the equality of all people. And if you are lucky enough to find someone who shares this path with you, celebrating in its entirety seems to me to be the best thing you can do in this life.

In this celebration anything goes, just like in Disney movies; a soundtrack, confetti, party, kisses, hugs and joy. I can't wait to film it all and create the film that no one ever imagined creating before.

Videography tries to see beyond a look or a touch. It represents a sensation or an emotion, not just a movement. It is about making you goose bumps at a single look by composing image, music and light.

It's about making it look like you've been closing your eyes the whole time and only paying attention to the beating of your heart.

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